May 22, 2018
May 22, 2018

Manganese is a mineral. It also acts as a co-enzyme to assist metabolic activities in the human body. Apart from these, there are other health benefits of manganese including the formation of connective tissues, absorption of calcium, proper functioning of the thyroid gland and sex hormones, regulation of blood sugar level, and metabolism of fats and carbohydrates.

The main sources are:

Raspberries, pineapples, garlic, grapes, beetroot, green beans, blackberries, lettuces, spinach, cucumbers, kiwis, carrots, figs, green vegetables, brown rice, coconuts, almonds, hazelnuts, turmeric, whole wheat.


  • It promotes healthy bones
  • It regulates control sugar level
  • It may prevent epileptic seizure
  • It boosts metabolism
  • It reduces Osteoporosis
  • It alleviates PMS syndrome
  • It improves Thyroid health
  • It helps the absorption of Vit B, E ,and magnesium
  • It improves digestion